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About SCB Digital

Hi I’m Sarah, an experienced digital marketing consultant and founder of SCB Digital.

I work with dynamic business owners like you who are ready to scale up and invest in better marketing.

Using the skills and knowledge I’ve gained over 25+ years working in sales and marketing, I can help you connect with new customers and build deeper relationships with existing ones.

When it comes to marketing, there’s no one-size-fits all solution.

That’s why, when you work with me, I’ll develop a bespoke, multi-channel strategy that’ll drive your company forward and create lasting stability for the future.

Put the effects of the pandemic behind you as you discover new and exciting ways to grow your business with a plan you have confidence in.

Why work with me

In this fast-moving digital age it’s never been more important for your business to be online.

But, with so many marketing options available, it’s no wonder you feel confused about which direction to take.

When you work with me I’ll remove the mystery and replace it with a jargon-free plan of action so that you can grow your business with confidence.

My approach is straightforward. Let’s see what’s working, see where the biggest opportunities are and then prioritise what needs to happen next. Let’s take one step at a time to get you the results you deserve.

A highly valuable & trusted extension to our team!

‘Sarah has been instrumental in moving our digital strategy forward. She’s worked across our social media channels, consumer website and database delivering very tangible results in the form of uplifted customer reach, web traffic, engagement and sales conversion.

‘Her enthusiasm and willingness to share knowledge throughout the company has meant she is considered a highly valuable and trusted extension to the team. The scope of her work broadened to include all key digital touch-points in the shopper journey.

Rachel Cowle

Head of Marketing, Roberts Radio

Client Successes

£250k Facebook ad revenue in 2020 for Active Silver

Active Silver owner Lucy Roberts contacted me after struggling to run Facebook ads herself. ‘Having tried it myself, I knew it was a specialist skill,’ says Lucy. ‘Facebook ads have now completely smashed all expectations in terms of revenue. It’s a huge relief to know the job is being done brilliantly.’

500 plus new client enquiries for Proback Clinic

After a bad experience with an advertising agency, chiropractor clinic director David Brown sought my help. ‘When we met to discuss our requirements, it was clear you knew your stuff,’ says David. ‘I have complete confidence in you and don’t have to worry where new patients are coming from anymore.’

Superstars bounces back from a difficult year

Despite being hit by the recent pandemic situation, Tim Terry, owner of the charity auction site Superstars, wanted to seize new marketing opportunities. ‘We’ve done everything we can,’ says Tim.’ We’ve got the armoury to do the job and come out of the current crisis in a really strong position thanks to Sarah.’

Sarah is approachable, laser focused, creative and questioning and as a result of the Facebook ads she set up and delivered, my 12-week course was full.
Sarah delves into what you think you want to do, and then questions you, and diverts you into a way that actually may be more efficient. She has become a bit like a friend to ask all those pointed questions.
Sarah delivers what she says she’s going to do, and she delivers it on time. I have recommended Sarah to so many friends and colleagues and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah and her marketing and social advertising to anybody.
Sam Palmer

Founder , Midlife Makeover


Marketing Consultancy


  • High-level marketing support without the price-tag
  • Insights & recommendations for all marketing channels
  • Increase average order or lifetime customer value

Marketing Planning


  • A tailored marketing plan geared around your goal
  • A solid understanding of your marketing activity
  • Grow brand awareness and drive sales

Facebook Advertising


  • Tap into an abundant world of ideal customers
  • Stop wasting money on ads that don’t work
  • Enjoy a regular stream of clients, leads and sales

I knew I needed to be more strategic about my marketing and several other connections had recommended her, so I knew she had the skills I needed. 

Sarah worked with me to create a full Marketing strategy for my business, up to this point I’ve just been all about tactics, tactics, tactics and Sarah has helped me tie up what I do in a much better way, and far more inclusive of my customer’s journey.

We’re already making changes to some of our offerings, the way we communicate and what we say to our clients and prospects because of Sarah’s interventions.

In the last week alone I’ve won/converted 3 proposals and this is higher than usual. Is it because of Sarah’s pure marketing genius? Probably.

Has she helped me step into a more strategic vision of what I want my business to be communicating to the world? Definitely.

Sarah’s no-nonsense, practical and strategic approach is enviable and I’m so glad I got to work with her. I think I might just be calling her again for more very soon…

Elaine Gosden

Learning and Development Consultant

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