Are you using Google My Business as part of your marketing mix?

This marketing blog aims to give you more detail about why it is so important to

a) ensure you have set up your Google profile, and

b) optimise the content on your Google profile regularly.

If you are completely new to Google My Business, and haven’t got a clue what it is or how to get started, you’re best checking out my previous blog, Why You Should Google My Business.

Google My Business is an essential tool for ALL businesses

What is Google My Business?

Just to recap, it is your Google business profile.

It is the page that pops up in local search results, to inform users of opening hours, what you do or sell, photos and customer reviews, and with a link to your website. It also shows your business on th Google map, which is why it is a MUST for local businesses to show up for local searches.

With this amount of information users can completely bypass the website altogether. For example, if a user is looking for a ‘plumber in Milton Keynes’, your Google My Business listing can provide images, reviews and a contact telephone number to call immediately.

Google My Business complements a brand’s online presence, by giving it an identity on Google. So it’s really important to make use of the limited but valuable real estate that Google is providing.

It’s probably no surprise, that as a Google tool, users of Google My Business benefit from natural search, and having this profile is key to your SEO armoury.

Think of Google My Business as one of your social media channels, keep it updated

Who can benefit from Google My Business?

All service and delivery based businesses can benefit from being listed on Google My Business. Ie, every business, large and small, local or national, online or bricks and mortar.

It gives the opportunity for businesses to show up on Google Maps, and provides all of those important extra details in cards on Google search results.

It also naturally helps with SEO as Google wants the content to be as rich as possible. Therefore if it is kept up to date, with customer reviews and the ratings, the business is more likely to show up higher on organic results.

It’s also worth thinking about your customer journey. If you spend your marketing budget on PPC and Facebook ads, if the customer then goes to Google find you at a later date, imagine the impression if your GMB profile is empty or poorly populated, or lacking customer reviews? GMB must be part of your omnichannel strategy.

What if my business is home-based?

Previously, home-based businesses or delivery/service only organisations would need an address in order to be listed. This is now changed. Now, businesses can be registered on business.google.com with the option to click on ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers’.

There is also a feature to ‘hide my address’ which is useful if it’s not a physical shop or store. Furthermore, businesses can specify a service area to help maximise the chance of populating the local search results.

A physical address is no longer required on your Google My Business Profile.

Tips for optimising a business listing

Make sure that all aspects of the page are populated.

Utilise every bit of space with photos, links and contact details.

The more information, the more the business stands out against competitors.

Ask customers for recommendations. Word of mouth is a vital part of marketing, especially for local business. Ask happy customers to provide a review so that the page has a better rating.

Schedule updates. Treat the profile as another social network. Schedule reminders to post content or offers to the page. Update any major changes. Always keep contact details up to date but also cascade any brand changes, changes to operations e.g. Covid-19 policies etc.

Check your insights. Look at how customers find the page. This will show how many people directly look for a business name versus those who carry out a ‘discovery’ search around a product or service.

Ultimately, there really is no business too big, small, or niche that wouldn’t benefit from Google My Business. It’s another opportunity to promote a business and set itself apart from competitors.

Ready to claim your page or update your content?